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5 New Years Resolutions: Prepare For Disasters

Do you have a disaster plan for your properties? Resolve to be Ready in 2015 with our top 5 tips for property managers. Check out our suggestions for New Years Resolutions you can incorporate into your disaster plans this year.

New Years Resolutions:

  1. Be Proactive. Disasters can happen when we least expect them. Be proactive and develop a plan for your properties in 2015.
  2. Create or Update your Business Disaster Preparedness Plan. Many people do not have disaster plans and a handful more never update them. Disaster plans are crucial in times of emergencies. It allows for smooth operation in a time of chaos. Getting your properties up and running quickly after a disaster will keep your customers satisfied.
  3. Be Budget Conscious. Budget is a top priority. Not having a disaster preparedness plan can leave you with unpredicted expenses after a disaster occurs and can significantly affect your budget.
  4. Pair with a Professional Disaster Restoration Company. Working with a professional disaster restoration company is essential to a successful business disaster preparedness plan. Polygon offers a complimentary Code Blue Preparedness Plan to prepare our clients prior to a disaster. Our specialists walk through your facility and work with you to create a Disaster Plan, so if damage does occur, our technicians are on call, already familiar with your building and key areas, and can immediately begin work.
  5. Don’t Assume. Don’t assume it won’t happen to you! A building has a loss once every 10 years and 25% of all businesses never recover from a major disaster. It pays to prepare for all types of disasters.

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