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Burbank jail suffers major water damage

Any business can suffer the consequences of water damage. The Glendale News-Press reports that the Burbank Police and Fire headquarters suffered water damage after a construction contractor did not take “proper precautions” to ensure water would not damage the floor or interior of the jail.

The building’s concrete floor absorbed the flooded water, which caused the paint to bubble and create uneven patches. Moreover, the faulty construction job caused rain to enter the jail’s walls, which left evidence of the water damage and residue. If left untreated, the water damage could cause harmful mold growth and compromise the structural integrity of the building. The Burbank Police Department states that the water damage remediation will take a minimum of six months, as the entire jail floor needs replacing along with the other areas affected.

During the flood restoration process, which is set to begin on April 11, all individuals arrested by Burbank police will have to be booked and housed at the Glendale jail. The Glendale News-Press states that this is the second time the Burbank facility has suffered water damage in the past decade. This latest incident at the Burbank jail is affecting business continuity, as the city will need to hire off-duty officers to help with inmate transportation needs.

Fortunately, for the Burbank police department, they have some time to hammer-out the details of their business continuity and flood restoration plan, and have assistance from the city of Glendale. Your business, however, may not be so lucky. Flooding in businesses often happens unexpectedly and quickly, and a business disaster plan can help ensure business continuity.

[photo: Gareth Simpson]

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