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Document Disaster Recovery Services

Unexpected disasters are an unfortunate reality for all businesses. Electrical fires, mold outbreaks, and floods are all tragedies that can strike any size company. When such disasters occur, whom do you turn to? Is there a company you can trust to efficiently clean your work environment, decontaminate and disinfect toxic messes, and restore precious business documents?

Polygon is a full-service disaster recovery agency specializing in document restoration.

The fully trained team at Polygon can help you salvage valuable books, corporate documents, medical records, blueprints, film, X-rays, even electronic media. Using state-of-the-art document recovery technology, Polygon makes your restoration process fast and painless. And because the technology used to restore your valuable documents is so energy efficient, Polygon is able to provide high-quality work at prices that aren’t a disaster themselves.

Polygon has a wide array of services available to help your business get back on its feet after a disaster situation. While specializing mainly in document recovery and restoration, Polygon also offers cleaning and mold decontamination services. Surface mold cleaning, archival remediation, blueprint and map restoration are just a few other examples of the recovery options Polygon can offer your business.

Polygon’s signature service is the patent-pending desiccant air-dry distribution system.

This system effectively removes moisture from any environment, allowing water molecules trapped in your documents and damaged items to escape into the air. Another exceptional tool available through Polygon is the vacuum-freeze drying process. This process helps return or reproduce your materials as close to their original state as possible. The vacuum method also produces better results than other available options due to the superior pressure distribution technology used. Both of these recovery systems allow Polygon to return documents faster than traditional document restoration agencies, which means your business can be up and running without skipping a beat.

Polygon’s fire damage salvaging process is the most thorough you can find.

Fire damage isn’t limited to only what you can see; non-visible damage can also slow or stop a business for weeks at a time. Soot from a fire, as well as simple smoke damage, can recreate structural contamination long after the blaze has been extinguished. Polygon knows this and addresses all components of fire damage.

Mold damage can be just as problematic for businesses as fire and water damage.

A serious mold outbreak can occur within 24-48 hours after a water-related disaster. Areas of high humidity have an increased chance of mold growth and can be especially hard to keep clean. The desiccant air-drying method helps prevent outbreaks of mold after intense water damage. In many cases, Polygon can also recover documents already damaged by mold.

Of course, state-of-the-art technology is only half the battle against mold, water and fire damage.

A qualified, highly trained team of professionals is required to make sure your documents and damaged items are handled with extreme care and consideration. Polygon’s trained staff ensures that each customer understands the recovery process that will be used and knows when to expect their documents returned. Polygon is known for its impeccable customer service and the special attention paid to situations where damage and loss are especially devastating. Additionally, each Polygon customer is guaranteed immediate access to their documents should the need arise.

Just about any type of business or organization would benefit most from Polygon’s services. Commercial and retail businesses, government agencies, hospitals, libraries, schools and museums are just a few of the industries Polygon caters to. Regardless of your company or organization, if you’re experienced damage due to water, fire or mold, Polygon can help.

If you’ve experienced any type of damage, don’t delay; contact Polygon as soon as you can. An immediate response to disaster situations is the best way to avoid dramatic and permanent loss sustained by water, fire and mold damage. Polygon is available 24 hours a day, allowing businesses to start their recovery process immediately. The Polygon staff can be on-site within a few hours of receiving your call, so don’t wait another minute.

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