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Homes in a potential mudslide’s path seem uninsurable

Homeowners in southern California have to deal with the restoration of their homes and property after wildfires had no mercy this summer. As a result, many homeowners were left uninsured as their insurance companies cancelled homeowners policies, deeming the home was in an area considered to too high of a risk.

Risky Business

Homes in the area of this summer’s Station fire now have to face the possibility of mudslides within the next 12 months. The fires burned the hills surrounding homes to the point that the ground is now unreliably unstable. If the summer fires did not wipe a home out, insurance carriers fear a mudslide will-causing insurance companies to suffer more substantial losses.

Residents in Southland have tried to buy mudslide insurance policies from several different agencies without any luck. Insurance companies are still licking their wounds from having to pay out claims from this fire season and cannot afford to pay for more losses.

Since mudslide riders for a homeowners policy are not popularly available, people are starting to get creative and are purchasing earthquake, flood, and wildfire riders to add on to their home’s insurance. They are keeping their fingers crossed, hoping they have enough of the appropriate coverage if the unthinkable happens.

There are several steps one can take to prevent not only fire damage, but water damage as well. / CC BY 2.0

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