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Is Your Business Ready for the Unexpected?

In today’s uncertain economy, businesses and individuals are doing all they can to make sure all of their hard-earned money is not lost in the chaos. But are you doing what you can to make sure your business can keep going if the unexpected should happen?

In an instant, office and client files can get lost along with all the vital information within it. Even if your business has gone paperless or not, there are ways you can plan today for recovery should the unforeseen happen in the future.

Here are some tips, along with some from James Marshall with, to ensure your company’s information and client files will continue to be available to you after an unexpected event:

  • Make back-ups of files often and keep them in a separate location from the office and/or operating system. A good record or documenting scanning service can do this for you.
  • Keep hard documents of all your files
  • Be wary of attachments in emails that sound strange or come from someone you do not know
  • User error is common, so use features in programs that can track any changes you may have made to a document
  • Take measures to ensure the safety of the building or office in which you are doing business
  • Make sure your computer is in a dust and static-free environment that is dry
  • Prevent power surges to your electronic equipment
  • Use a virus-detection program to keep your computer safe from intrusion
  • Use proper storage devices (for example: use archival boxes placed on a shelf rather than boxes on a
  • closet floor)
  • Keep the number to a disaster recovery service or restoration specialist readily available

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