Blog – Document Recovery, Water and Storm Damage

Parts of Baltimore County under water

Several residents of Dundalk in Baltimore County were rescued recently when flood waters trapped them inside their homes. The cause of the flood was not due to bad weather. Rather, it was caused by a break in a 6-foot-wide water main. USA Today reports about 100 homes and several businesses were damaged by the flood waters that were sometimes “chest-deep”. Many roads were also damaged by the high waters. Although many people had to be rescued, no one was injured.

Residents are back in their homes and businesses, beginning the restoration process. Inevitably, many wet documents and personal items are going to have to be dried out by professionals.

“The state would assist families with property damage, similar to aid offered after Tropical Storm Isabel damaged homes in 2003, also in eastern Baltimore County, the spokesman said.

“…O’Malley visited the scene and pledged state resources to help the county and those affected recover, saying officials from the Maryland Insurance Administration would help residents make claims.”

Homes and businesses can flood in moments, without a notice or storm to precede the flooding. It is vital that homes and businesses have a disaster plan set up that outlines what is to be done before there is a problem.

When there is a flood, one may think all wet documents and data are lost. This is not so. Disaster recovery specialists can help restore wet documents and recover data after an incident such as the one in Baltimore County.

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