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Polygon Keeps Food Safe with Remote Monitoring

For most of us, visiting the grocery store is a task we perform without much forethought. In fact, according to the 2016 FMI U.S. Shopper Trends Survey, 94% of us feel safe in purchasing our foods at the market and never consider the possible dangers in the food system. Retail grocery stores, as a result, must be vigilant in maintaining that high level of trust by consistently heading off potential hazards.

In 2011, the FDA gained new powers and enforcement abilities that have increased the need for attentiveness in monitoring, lest a food handler suffer the consequences. The FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) gives the government agency recall authority as well as the power to enforce stiff fines against businesses out of compliance. A result of increasing incidents of foodborne illnesses from 2000 to 2010, this legislation was seen as necessary to promote safety and save the food industry billions of dollars in associated costs.

An area of potential concern for grocers is their food refrigeration systems. Maintaining these systems is critical to avoiding equipment failure and warding off the possible dangers surrounding food temperature problems. Food sellers need comprehensive methods for monitoring refrigeration in their stores. Remote monitoring is an excellent solution, as it provides real time data regarding performance criteria, including energy output, operating conditions, and refrigerant leaks.

Consumer expectations are important in every retail industry, and food sales are no exception. A seller’s reputation depends on the customers’ perception of food safety. Customers now are savvier than ever, and aren’t afraid to do their homework when it comes to finding the safest food options. Thus, retailers must be cognizant of the stringent FDA rules, and meticulously follow these guidelines. Once a negative incident receives bad press, it’s tough to repair the damage to a business’s reputation. That’s why adherence to standards is critical. Food quality reporting through remote monitoring services automates this process, reduces error and increases efficiency.

At Polygon, we know you have choices in monitoring systems. We want you to do the research because we know you will not find a better option in keeping your store in compliance and your customers safe and happy. We invite you to begin by educating yourself on the requirements of FSMA, and then do a full assessment of your store’s needs to update and/or maintain its systems. Contact us to discuss all we have to offer in monitoring solutions. Utilizing customized software and service management programs, we can help you maintain optimal facility conditions and operations, show you how to maintain refrigerant levels, manage energy use, and assist you in caring for your fresh foods—as well as your reputation.

Polygon’s remote monitoring system ExactAire® is the advanced solution to your remote monitoring needs. ExactAire® provides around-the-clock monitoring, sends alerts to you when issues arise, and ensures access to technicians who can be quickly mobilized to assist you. Polygon is here to help your business stay in compliance and do what matters most: tend to the needs of those you serve in your communities.

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