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Preparing Your Pets For An Emergency

Many of us consider our pets a member of the family. There are easy steps one can take to help ensure your furry companion is as safe as possible during a disaster:

  • Make sure the vaccines are up to date and have proof of such
  • Have a current picture of your pet in case you have to identify it at a later time
  • Make sure your pet is wearing a collar with proper I.D.
  • Plan ahead: keep phone numbers handy of kennels, friends or family, and shelters that can keep your pet during a disaster.

In your emergency disaster kit, plan for your pets too. In this kit, keep a copy of your pet’s I.D. and immunization records. Along with a carrier, make sure you have enough food and water for your pets. Keep a muzzle, leash, and collar in this kit so you can grab-and-go. Lastly, keep medications your pets may need handy in your kit.

Find more tips on making a pet plan from the National Weather Service. Also, check out this brochure from the Humane Society.
If you do not have an emergency disaster kit or plan, click here to learn how you can make one today.

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