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Surface Preparation & Coating Tips for the Marine Industry

Some of the marine industry’s most valuable assets are in harsh environments that lead to the constant structural degradation. In order to perform maintenance on the marine equipment, the structure must be in the ideal environment, free of humidity or extreme temperatures, for the preventive surface preparation and coating application to be effective.

Surface Preparation & Coating Tips

surface preparation and coating marine ship

  • Know your budget: It’s important to know your financial restraints before beginning a preparation and coating project. Keep in mind, however, that when it comes to prolonging the life and performance of your marine equipment, the upfront costs of quality maintenance greatly outweigh the potential for more frequent low-quality repairs in the future.
  • Have a plan: Maintenance coatings affect the lifespan of marine equipment. Regardless of the company you hire to do the surface preparation and coating, they should have a thorough plan of the project and be willing to share it with you, step-by-step.
  • Ensure temperature & humidity control: To successfully prepare and coat marine equipment, it must be in a highly controlled environment. Be sure to ask questions about where your contractor plans to store and work on the equipment. It’s also important to inquire about the technologies they will use to keep the equipment dry and at the ideal temperature.
  • The best preparation & coating method: When deciding on the best methods and materials for your surface preparation and coating materials, look beyond your budget. Take into consideration factors like:
    • The scope of the project
    • Cargo
    • Time in and away from ports
    • The types of supplies the vessel carries and their respective amounts (e.g., fresh water and compressed air)
    • How clean vessel or equipment must be maintained by the crew
    • How accessible the professionals are who can perform the preparation and coating services
  • Choosing the best type of coat: There are several types of coating products available for the marine industry. To make sure you choose the best product, look into the following:
    • Requirements related to the surface preparation
    • Drying times
    • Re-coating intervals
    • The standby time after the application of the final coat
    • Industry standards for your equipment or vessel

The Benefits of Surface Preparation & Coating Technologies

  • Annual maintenance without weather or humidity interruptions: Maintenance for your equipment does not have to be dependent on the weather. By incorporating climate and humidity control technologies, you don’t have to be concerned about the temperature or ambient conditions in regards to holding the blast or curing.
  • Climate control during surface refinishing: Marine environments are prone to condensation. Temperature control is particularly important during construction and restoration because it helps ensure the success of the coating project. By using a temporary climate control system to adjust the temperature and lower the dew point within the respective space, the maintenance coating will cure faster.
  • Moisture control to protect sensitive equipment: Moisture can negatively affect sensitive equipment and materials during construction, maintenance and restorations. To prevent corrosion, warping, expansion, splitting or degradation, desiccant dehumidification systems will keep the ambient air dry as you prepare and coat surfaces.
  • Faster project completion: The use of desiccant dehumidification systems help to create favorable conditions for maintenance and coating projects. When these systems are incorporated into your projects, you’ll experience improved production rates, higher-quality results and fewer weather-related delays.

Polygon has qualified, experienced staff who can help you determine the best surface preparation and coating solutions for your marine applications. Call us today to learn about our advanced climate control equipment and how it can maximize the efficiency and quality of your upcoming projects.

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