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The missing element in extreme weather reports

From catastrophic earthquakes, wildfires, biblical-like flooding, the hottest recorded summer temperatures to the snowiest winters, extreme weather and natural disasters are often one of the top stories on the evening news. However, one of the most common trends seen is unpreparedness on the affected public’s behalf.

Learning from the Past

In 2010, the planet experienced record-setting hot temperatures and more than 950 natural disasters. So far, the year 2011 is proving to be one that is following suit with much of the northern hemisphere experiencing freezing temperatures and some countries in the southern hemisphere under water. Experts say that 2010 gave us a peek of what is to come in 2011, yet the majority of households and communities in the U.S. have not prepared emergency disaster kits despite the lessons about the unpredictability of the forces of nature.

Preparing for the Next Weather Event

More reliable and less expensive than an insurance policy, emergency preparedness is an investment that will never go to waste. Emergency preparedness acts like a life jacket in times of a disaster. Emergency disaster plans for businesses should include a business continuity strategy and a way to restore wet documents and damaged books. Homes can prepare for the unexpected by creating an emergency disaster plan and preparing an emergency disaster kit that includes a sufficient amount of food and water, a plan for recovery and essential survival items.

With the amount of natural disasters the planet has experienced over the last several years, there is no need for businesses and households to get caught off-guard when Mother Nature acts-out. Devoting time to prepare for disasters before they happen can help families and businesses get back on their feet after a life-changing natural event.

[photo: NASA Goddard Photo and Video]

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