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Thousands flee the East Coast in preparation for Hurricane Earl

“LARGE HURRICANE EARL CONTINUES RELENTLESSLY TOWARD THE NORTHWEST…POSES A THREAT TO THE MID ATLANTIC COAST…” This statement tops the National Hurricane Center’s section on Hurricane Earl, the latest tropical storm to hit the U.S. Hurricane Earl is expected to make landfall on the East Coast within the next 48 hours, promoting thousands of residents and tourists in the coastal areas North Carolina and the surrounding states, such as Virginia, to evacuate.

MSNBC reports:

“Earl’s effect on the East Coast will depend on when it makes its expected turn to the northeast.

“A later-than-expected turn could mean the storm’s eye makes landfall on the extreme eastern tip of North Carolina as a Category 3 storm late Thursday or early Friday.

“If that happens, hurricane-force winds also could reach New York’s Long Island and Cape Cod in Massachusetts.”

The National Hurricane Center recommends you take the following actions when a hurricane is predicted for your area:

BEFORE a Hurricane:

  • Put your emergency disaster kit together. Make sure they are in one location in your home.
  • Prepare an emergency plan for your business.
  • Write out your emergency disaster plan. Discuss the plan with your family, nominate an out-of-town family contact, and decide on an evacuation area and meet-up spot should you get separated.

During a Hurricane WATCH:

  • Double-check your emergency disaster kit. Replenish anything in it that may be low, such as water, medications and batteries for flashlights and radios.
  • Take protective and preventative measures that may take extra time. Such measures may include filling your car with gas, securing your boat or boarding up the windows of your home or place of business.

During a Hurricane WARNING:

  • Have your emergency disaster kit ready to grab and go.
  • Put your emergency disaster plan into action. Decide on the safest location to wait-out the hurricane.
  • Evacuate if told by officials to do so.

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