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Time: The Most Valuable Resource in Document Restoration

When your business is affected by a flood or fire, it can be devastating and highly stressful. More than that, such disasters can disrupt operations, especially if important documents are permanently damaged. If documents are damaged by water or fire, they can sometimes be restored or digitized in order to save the information and keep your business on track. But this is only a possibility if businesses have a plan in place for disasters and act fast. Time is the most valuable resource in document restoration.

Time is of the Essence

When important documents are damaged, particularly by water, it’s vital to act fast. The longer that documents sit untreated, the more likely the damage will be irreversible. So when quick decision-making is so important, having a plan created ahead of time is the best way to guarantee fast action occurs.

Keys to Your Organization’s Disaster Reaction Plan

The most important aspect of any organization’s disaster reaction plan is the part that protects employees and anyone else inside the building. There must be clear steps for evacuation that will protect anyone inside the facility. It’s also important to assign certain people within the company or organization with the responsibility of directing people during disasters, which tend to be stressful. Employees are an organization’s most important asset. Your organization’s plan should outline how the company plans to communicate with its staff and provide support before, during, and after an incident. Once you can ensure the safety of people, the next step is protecting your company’s other valuable assets: sensitive documents, expensive equipment, and other important items. With employees being the number one priority, protecting those valuable assets usually comes with preventative measures and responsive measures. In other words, protect people during the disastrous event and take steps to protect items before and after. Preventative measures can include keeping valuable items in fire-proof and water-proof containers or safes. Responsive measures start with putting someone in charge of the restoration efforts who knows exactly what to do. While paying someone to be an expert in a situation that might never happen isn’t practical, starting a partnership with a company with the technology and expertise to move quickly in disastrous circumstances is more than practical. It’s essential.

Trusting Polygon as Your Disaster Response Partner

Polygon offers 24/7 emergency response and the world’s largest fleet of drying and climate control equipment. Our unrivaled technical engineering combined with our highly experienced team means that you can trust us to take the right steps to get things back to normal and restore your most important documents and equipment. If you are part of a government organization, Polygon is a GSA contract holder.

To start your partnership with Polygon, an industry leader in emergency drying and restoration, contact us today.

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