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Tornado Safety Tips

Like a scene from a Hollywood production, trees toppled, rooftops flew off houses and cars were tossed like toys as a storm sent tornadoes to pummel the Southern states.

Dozens of homes and businesses experienced damage, and residents can expect the severe weather to last through Saturday, according to a report by CNN.

So far, this storm has claimed the lives of nine people and has left 15 injured. Like house fires, tornadoes are unpredictable and require families to act quickly so they can get to a safe location. Commit the following tips to memory before a storm affects your community:

  • The safest place in your home is in your storm shelter, basement or a room/area on the bottom floor that does not have windows. Examples of such areas include bathrooms, closets, under a stairwell or in a windowless hallway. Put as many walls as you can between you and the outside of your home.
  • Crouch down on the floor, facing down, and cover your head with your hands. Keep in mind that a bathtub may offer extra protection. If possible, place thick padding over your body, like blankets or pillows.
  • If you live in a mobile or manufactured home, get out and go to a community storm shelter or to a building that has a permanent foundation. If shelter options are not readily available to you, go outside and lay face down on the ground away from other mobile homes, cars and trees.

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