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When not being prepared will really hurt a business

The #1 New Years resolution among Americans this year was to lose weight. With this, gym owners prepared and anticipate a rise in gym members during the month of January. However, a gym in Fairhaven found themselves losing out on business as they rang in the New Year with water flooding their fitness center.

The Fairhaven Recreation Center had a pipe burst, causing water damage in the area where exercise machines and other fitness items were located. interviewed recreational director Warren Rensehausen, who stated: “It couldn’t have happened at a worse time.” January is one of the busiest times of the year for the recreation center and the Wellness Room was closed for repairs until all the water damage was remediated. According the Fairhaven Recreation Center’s Facebook page, the Wellness Room just opened back up this week.

The cause of the broken pipe is unknown. The clean-up from the waters included cutting into plaster to replace insulation, drying out fitness equipment, and waiting until everything was dry. Luckily the water damage was found early so the damage was minimal.

Business continuity is essential, especially during times when business owners know they’ll be busy. Business should have a plan to prepare for unexpected events like burst pipes or natural disasters.

Learn about how having a plan can help keep clients and save money on restoration costs.

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