Surface Temperature Monitoring

Remote Monitoring and Control
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Actively track surface temperature of assets and equipment with 24/7 alerts

Polygon’s ExactAire® system provides continuous surface temperature monitoring for surface prep and coating or industrial applications. Alert users when temps are out of spec or visualize trends to spot issues before they impact business.

The surface temperature of storage tanks, ships, chillers, and other metal structures is the difference between profit and loss. In the case of surface preparation and coating, the temperature of the surface will directly impact the quality and speed of the job. In the case of food processing, a failed chiller can mean spoiled product and quality issues.

Continuously monitoring temperature gives stakeholders the visibility and control to mitigate risk. ExactAire® Multi Sensor provides a simple yet powerful way to do just that. Magnetic probes can be easily mounted on metal structures and take readings around the clock. Data is delivered to a centralized user platform or configurable alerts are sent over cellular to key personnel.

For added security and autonomy, the surface probe data can be used to turn temporary climate control equipment on and off depending on conditions. For example, it will automatically maintain a minimum dewpoint based on real-time information.