Damage prevention services make total sense for construction companies

Polygon Finland supports construction companies throughout the life cycle of their buildings. By installing sensors during the construction phase, Polygon can discover any risk of dewpoint and prevent future air quality issues.

Polygon Finland has introduced its first TCS and water damage prevention sensor pilot with the construction company Varkka Oy in Lahti in southern Finland.

“The construction company is building a completely new housing area. We worked within the daycare facility, which has been designed to be transformed into a nursing home in the future when daycare is no longer needed,” says Juuso Heinonen, Service Manager at Polygon Finland.

Polygon installed tiny, wireless sensors from Disruptive Technologies, which measure both temperature and humidity. Through Hiotlabs platform potential damages are discovered via 24/7 surveillance. Polygon´s technicians discovered high differences in temperature between the upper and the lower floors. The upper floor measured close to zero because it was in a different construction phase to the lower floor. These conditions create a high risk for dewpoint.

Polygon Finland advised the construction company immediately and further investigations were carried out. Thanks to the sensors' alert, and the team's quick action, moisture had not had time to form in the construction. The construction process could continue safely by finishing the insulation and adding extra heating to control the temperature difference.

If Polygon had not identified and solved the problem at this stage, there would be a significant risk of future air quality issues. Most likely, only discovered when people attending the daycare facility suffered symptoms.

“This discovery didn't just save time and money for the customer, it also prevented future occupants from possible health issues due to poor indoor air quality,” says Juuso Heinonen.

“We are delighted with the outcome; it´s fantastic what Polygon can do with this new technique. We managed to prevent much larger damage by identifying an issue that no one could have realised was happening at the time,” says Joni Varkka, owner of Varkka Oy.  

This technology enables early detection and fast mitigation along with preventative measures, which lower the frequency of damages and the average cost per claim and improves operational efficiency.

“Being able to help a customer even before they are aware of a problem goes beyond expectations and is the next level of customer experience for any customer, both commercial customer and insurance companies,” concludes Juuso Heinonen.

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