Polygon collaborates with university students to become climate neutral

We all know that our world is changing. Our planet is facing one of the biggest and most complex environmental challenges yet. This is why, here at Polygon, we have been working hard to reduce our environmental footprint for some time now.

Polygon Norway has set a goal of becoming climate neutral by the year 2025, in order to help contribute to the fight against climate change. To reach this goal, not only will they continue to focus on their current sustainable work, but they have also joined forces with a team of master’s students at the University of Oslo (UiO), who will assist them in this journey.

In the process of becoming climate neutral, the master's students will take a closer look at the following:

  • How Polygon Norway can work systematically to integrate and develop the organisational culture in Polygon, so that they achieve the sustainability goals set for the business.
  • How Polygon Norway can form a culture where seeking sustainable solutions are expected.
  • How Polygon Norway can build their identity as a sustainable, robust, and climate-neutral company, that is shown in action.

In recent months, the master's students have conducted in-depth interviews and focus groups with several Polygon teams around Norway to get an insight into what their everyday work looks like. We are excited to follow this important project and look forward to keeping you updated through its process.

Instead of being discouraged, Polygon wants to act in the fight against climate change and motivate you to join us as well.

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