University of Pisa saved by Polygon Group's new family member

In September, Polygon entered the Italian market through the acquisition of Recotech, a property damage restoration company who specialise in water- and fire damage restoration and Major & Complex Claims.

One of Polygon Recotech's strengths and main competitive advantages is the staff, around 40 well-trained technicians, each a specialist in their field. In the company's backbone, there is a constant effort to think innovatively and new, which means that they often succeed in delivering tailor-made solutions to each customer. Another advantage is that the company itself owns all the necessary equipment needed, even for advanced projects. This allows them to get started faster than their competitors, who instead often need to look for subcontractors to get hold of specific equipment.

A major project took place at the University of Pisa, a historic artefact dating back to 1343. In November 2019, a fire broke out in one of the buildings at the university. The fire caused major damage both externally and internally. During the inspection of the damage, a lot of shortcomings were also discovered in the building's construction, which is why it was necessary to hire someone who could deliver a complete solution.

The call came through the 24-hour emergency number, and Lorenzo Vannacci was the project manager who carried out the first damage survey and who is also in charge of the project. The site was supposed to last 60 days, but due to Covid restrictions, it was finalized by mid-December. There were 5-10 technicians from Polygon Recotech working daily for the building restoration.

“We successfully restored the building and carried out a lot of repairs, such as replacing floors and doors. We also performed a structural analysis that led to building reinforcement, including FRP ceiling tiles in some areas. Finally, we enlisted the help of subcontractors to replace electronic equipment, internal computer systems and air conditioning, says Daniela Gatti, Marketing and Communications Manager at Polygon Recotech.”

Polygon is capable to carry out large scale complex projects in any place of the world.

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