Meet our employees

Jens Westerlund, Technician in the TCS services in Polygon Helsinki.

The TCS projects in Helsinki are mainly in construction sites and what we do depends on what the site foreman wants. Sometimes it is dehumidification of the air in a room when we install dehumidifiers and fans. If needed we make temporary division to make sure certain area will be dried properly. 

When doing the hollow core slab drying the process is different and I need to drill holes to install the drying. During the autumn – winter – spring time we do a lot heating installations on the construction sites. In those projects we need our sub heat centers and boilers in addition to heaters sometimes.
In temporary climate control projects we use automatic alarm systems and if - luckily only seldom - there is a power cut on the site we get an automatic alarm from the system. If it is middle of the winter and cold we are immediately in a hurry to get the heating running again to prevent freeze damages. When the alarm goes on we leave – also during the night.

What do you like most about your job?

Every day is different and the work is really diverse. Sometimes I install heating, sometimes drying. Constructions sites are all different. Sometimes we install heating/drying for special event tents. I’m happy when I see that same clients use our services over and over again. When you do your job well there is always a new job waiting