Polygon US helps New York church after a water main break

In early January 2021, a well-known church in Manhattan, New York, suffered extensive damage following a massive water main break in the area. The incident caught a lot of media attention, not least due to the risk of invaluable documents and other interiors being ruined. Then Polygon stepped into the action and showed why the company is the industry leader when it comes to these kinds of damages.

It was a shocked and devastated Reverend Jared Stahler that entered his church that early January morning.

- It was one of these experiences that you can never possibly imagine. Everywhere you moved was water and mud, he said in an interview with CBS New York.

It soon turned out that a water main had broken and caused extensive damage that not only impacted structural elements of the church, but the church's piano, organ, and countless invaluable documents. Not to mention electrical systems that had been completely fried and drywall that was soaked and ceilings that had collapsed.

The Church and their Insurance Company hurried to contact Polygon US for help. Which turned out to be wise.

- At Polygon, we know that time is the most valuable resource when it comes to document restoration. When massive flooding occurs, as it did at Saint Peter's Church, getting experts on the scene as soon as possible is paramount, says Elisa Ross at Polygon US.

Polygon offers industry-leading expertise and technology when it comes to restoring water-damaged documents. The company’s state-of-the-art vacuum freeze-drying chambers use negative pressure to create a seriously effective drying solution.

Matt DeCirce, Polygon US, tells us about the current status of the project:

- We are in the early phases of the project and we do not expect to complete it until March. Right now, the materials are in the freezer stabilization and vacuum freeze-drying phases. Upon completion of those services, the materials will progress through the sterilization and cleaning phases prior to being packaged for the return delivery. In addition to the paper archives, Polygon is also restoring close to 100 pieces of artwork.

Although the water main break in Manhattan caused severe damage to the church, Matt DeCirce has high hopes that the project will be a success.

- Due to a quick and efficient response, we anticipate that all of the 465 cubic feet of archives and close to 100 pieces of art will be salvaged.


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