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Protecting casework in new UCSD campus construction

In the fall of 2019, approximately 11,530 undergraduates were housed in facilities designed for 9,366 occupants. This was simply one of the motivators for UC San Diego to expand and create more space for students and faculty. The Theatre District Living and Learning Neighborhood project would include a total of 5 buildings ranging in height from 9 to 21 stories. This new build includes residential space, administrative offices, classrooms, restaurants, and retail spaces and is expected to be completed with a minimum Silver LEED Certification.

Because of the finished, millwork and casework, the job would require ongoing moisture control, so the general contractor, Kitchell, contacted Polygon to support their moisture mitigation plan. In February of 2023, Polygon began the process of monitoring and controlling relative humidity. Across two buildings and 30+ floors, Polygon systematically decreased RH levels from 80% to 40% moving alongside installation contractors to remain on pace and in spec. At the time this was written, Polygon remained on the job.


Kitchell needed to install an incredible amount of casework in the new student housing on a total of five buildings. “The construction of five new buildings on the UCSD campus, designed for natural ventilation, presented unique challenges during the phased closure of each floor, exacerbated by their proximity to the Pacific Ocean and frequent heavy fog,” said Nicolas Campbell, Project Manager at Kitchell.

The first three buildings were 2, 4, and 5 which were set to be dorms. Polygon needed to ensure that these spaces had the proper temperatures and humidity levels before installation. Because this job site was quite active it created challenges to ensure adequate power and laydown space in the right locations. Polygon collaborated closely with multiple trades, the project superintendent, and the electrical contractor to make sure the job ran smoothly.


To help Kitchell prepare for casework installation, Polygon installed IAQ sensors on each floor of buildings 4 and 5 moving in parallel with the interior contractors. Two HC-9000 dehumidifiers were used to climatize the space (one for the bottom half of the building and another for the top half of the building). Trash chutes were used to run ductwork up to each floor and layflat ran throughout the hallways and rooms.

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“Polygon strategically leveraged our trash chutes as the principal entry points for each building. This strategic approach facilitated the effective delivery of dry air to every floor, expeditiously eliminating moisture and preventing undesirable humidity spikes during our finishing activities,” said Campbell.

Data from the sensors helped stakeholders monitor conditions throughout delivering alarms if a space was out of spec. Once the materials were installed within spec, Polygon moved the sensors and equipment to the next target area. This method avoided costly schedule delays and energy use.

UCSD Kitchell  Level 3 Screenshot 2023-09-29 154518.jpg

UCSD continues to develop more student housing as two new additional areas are under construction. These new areas include the new Pepper Canyon development as well as Ridge Walk North.


Protect materials and schedule - The Polygon solution helped reduce the risk of material damage, mold, or other quality issues while also ensuring the protection of manufacturer warranties. It also provided a history of moisture levels that can be used to prove the proper conditions were maintained.

Peace of mind - The Polygon team helped design, implement, and maintain the sensors and technology with the aim of mitigating moisture issues. This gave stakeholders the peace of mind that needed to focus time and effort on other areas of the project.

Efficient and effective use of technology - Using IoT in conjunction with equipment provided the visibility and the control needed for the team to hit specs and schedule.

You can learn more about Polygon Construction Drying Solutions here or explore our Temperature and Humidity Monitoring here.




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“Polygon skillfully maintained the seamless progression of our millwork, ensuring strict adherence to climate tolerances outlined by NAWWS. Moreover, they accelerated the drying process for taping and painting, resulting in a significant reduction in overall activity duration.”

Nicolas Campbell, Project Manager, Kitchell Contractors, Inc.