Case Studies – Temporary Climate Solutions

School construction in hot summer months

While deadlines and project details may always seem tight, none seem tighter than those concerning school construction projects. Schools must follow environmental regulations during renovations and new construction to keep students and faculty safe from potential health risks. New masonry construction began at MacArthur Elementary School in New York during the summer, including the gymnasium, library, and three two-story classroom wings. With construction costs near $80,000,000, interior conditions must be maintained during construction to meet design specifications and stay on schedule.

To maintain relative humidity below 50% and maintain acceptable working temperatures, Polygon installed and maintained a temporary cooling and dehumidification system consisting of two 30-ton air conditioners and two 4500 cfm desiccant dehumidifiers. The air conditioners pre-cool the air before entering the desiccant dehumidifiers then the air is delivered to the building using flexible canvas ducting. The air is then distributed throughout the space using disposable polyethylene ducting.

Polygon delivered a cost-effective temporary climate solution that maintains conditions in the building at less than 45% relative humidity and temperatures in the mid-70s. While meeting all specifications the drywall and painting operations are proceeding uninterrupted, allowing our client to remain on schedule and budget.

On the side of the school, we installed the other HC4500 and DX30 and ducted cool and dry air into a hallway to treat the auditorium.