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Preserving and Protecting a Sports Memorabilia Collection with Polygon

The quality of collectibles and memorabilia is only as good as its storage environment. Failing to monitor and control the climate of such a space risks major damage to the valuable memorabilia inside. When setting up a storage solution or when upgrading a current one, it’s imperative that document recovery (DOC) and temporary climate solutions (TCS) are a part of that process.

A collection of classic sports memorabilia may not run for millions or more at auction, but regardless, it’s an investment well worth protecting. If one or more pieces of a collection are personally connected to the collector, then their preservation is an intimate and essential process. Stable environmental conditions that control for temperature, humidity, pollutants, and pests ensure that a piece won’t be harmed.

Get Temperature and Humidity Under Control

Basic guidelines advise storing between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit as well as at a humidity level of 45-55%. The first step to any of this delicate balancing is in monitoring, and that’s where Polygon’s TCS services become so useful. Remote monitoring offers a portrait of the storage space that shapes the environmental variables. For the most delicate of materials, such as first edition baseball cards, Polygon’s DOC services vacuum-freeze dry environments, achieving the ultimate dry setting for long-term preservation. There are subtle differences between storing organic and inorganic materials as well.

Use Best Practices for Memorabilia Storage

For the amateur or professional preserver, there are best practices everyone should follow. To begin with, treat everything as fragile regardless of age or value. That means minimal handling. Though most light can be harmful, UV is by far the worst and should be monitored and adjusted for with care. An airtight or nearly airtight location is key to prevent the intrusion of pests like mold and mildew. That rules out backdoor sheds and a breezy attic room. What should be obvious is that preservation can be a challenge for even experienced historians, as the variables are so numerous and have so little margin for error.

Preserve Your Treasured Collections with Polygon Services

What do Polygon’s DOC and TCS services provide? With over 4,000 construction drying projects and 30,000+ dried water damaged environments under their belt, Polygon’s experienced team is locally grown and globally trained. Polygon surveys a collection’s storage situation helps to monitor its environment and offers proven tools to control temperature, light, and humidity. Whether it’s Babe Ruth’s jersey or a favorite set of baseball cards from childhood, don’t risk a treasured collection of sports memorabilia.

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