Beating the English climate

To stay competitive on the international arena, English cricket players have to train harder and extend the season. But there is one major obstacle: the English weather. To start training earlier, teams usually have to travel to sunnier, warmer countries like South Africa. This is expensive. One progressive English cricket club had an idea: by putting up a tent on a new wicket for pre-season training they provided opportunities for their players to train more effectively, regardless of outdoor conditions. There was just one problem: condensation was building up and dripping onto the wicket, spoiling the perfect playing surface.

Working in close collaboration with the groundsman and his team during the entire project, Polygon’s Temporary Climate Solutions expert (a keen cricket fan himself!) discussed the options to achieve the necessary conditions. The club had already purchased indirect oil-fired heaters to dry out the ground inside the marquee. This increased the temperature but made the condensation issues worse.

Polygon instead proposed to install the heaters on the outside of the marquee and feed warm and dry air
into the space. In addition, a desiccant dehumidifier with flexible ducting and a remote monitoring system
were installed to release moisture from the ground. Working in conjunction with the heaters, the dehumidifier delivered warmed and dried air into the marquee. The moisture was discharged into the atmosphere via a flexible duct. This way, Polygon was able to create dew points lower than the ambient conditions. There was no longer any evidence of condensation inside the marquee. 

The only negative is, of course, that the cricket team has mixed feelings. No more lovely trips to exotic
places. Polygon can match the conditions anywhere in the world.

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