Innovation versus mould infestation - there can be only one winner!

Meet the JATI PAD – an innovative new product for temporarily combating visible mould damage. Polygon Germany and JATI, a company specialising in mould damage, developed this unique product. It works as an emergency plaster that contains and covers active mould infestations.

How it works

Mould spores are attracted to moisture and humidity. When they find such an environment, such as a wall next to a washing machine, the spores infest and multiply. At the same time, lots of other spores are released, eagerly looking to spread. The JATI PAD is placed on visible mould spots to cover and contain the spores. The 25 x 50 cm fleece pad is also diffusion-open, so that moisture can evaporate, but the mycelium and mould spores remain trapped. This way, the infestation cannot spread, and the room remains usable until the proper repair is due.


An active mould infestation poses a hygienic hazard that can lead to health complications if people are exposed to it for a long time. With the JATI PAD, the amount of mould spores in the air is minimised, making the space safer until restoration occurs.

So far, this product is only available to Polygon Germany. Furthermore, innovations like the JATI PAD help to advance our business and ensure we remain a global expert in property damage restoration and climate control.

Quick facts

  • A pad to incapsule active mould growths
  • A fleece - plaster pad
  • Keeps a mould infested space usable
  • 25 x 50 cm
  • Exclusive to Polygon Germany
  • Developed with partner company JATI

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