Major version update of SPARK

The SPARK portal is a digital solution for our customers and their end-customers. The portal has meant a great competitive advantage for Polygon in recent years. Now it's time for a major update that will push the boundaries further.

The portal SPARK was developed in close collaboration between Polygon, our customers, and software developer TietoEvry. That gives our customers and their end-customers information and updates throughout the damage process.

Since SPARK was launched three years ago, the portal has made everyday life easier for many customers and is available in Sweden, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands and Canada, among others. It has also been a great advantage for Polygon as a company, as the competitors have nothing similar to offer.

This spring, the lead will increase further, when the largest version update of SPARK to date is launched.

- It is an update that we have developed together with our country organizations, customers, and our software developer, says Simon Liljestrand, Business Developer Polygon Group.

The new update contains plenty of features that will give the customer more control, and which will make SPARK an obvious choice for customers who do not have similar systems of their own. Simon Liljestrand tells more about the new version:

- Unlike before, for example, it will be possible for the customer to communicate directly with us in the portal, previously it has been more static information exchange. In the new version, it will also be possible to upload documents, as well as have a richer view of the case history.

- In this release, we will introduce SPARK Pro that enables customers to manage their cases even further. Pro features will elevate the experience for the most frequent users and will include features such as analytics to follow case statistics and calendar view where customers can see all visits that have taken place and will take place.

The ambition with the new version of SPARK is, of course, that even more customers will open their eyes to the portal, which with its simple and clear interface makes it easy for both our customers and their end customers to follow Polygon's restoration work.

- It feels very good that we continue to push the boundaries and continue to invest in SPARK. Thanks to the fact that we have been involved in developing the portal ourselves, we have also managed to keep costs down. Considering the advantage SPARK gives us as a company, it can undoubtedly be said that it gives both our customers and us a lot of value, concludes Simon Liljestrand.

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