Heavy rain and floods – Polygon are ‘Always By Your Side.’

The past few weeks have seen heavy rainfall in Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium which has resulted in severe damages within communities. Polygon teams across these regions have been preparing for the workload they will be faced within the coming weeks.

The initial heavy rainfall took place in Southern Germany but soon spread to West Germany in the last few days. Some areas are still dealing with heavy rain, resulting in roads continuing to be blocked after dams and rivers were damaged. POLYGONVATRO is coming together with other teams from across the country to help manage this crisis.

Polygon headquarters is also working tirelessly to help by supporting the customer service teams, as well as helping customers who reach out directly.

“Only yesterday, we had over 2,300 assignments, which is more than four times than normal. That is nearly one assignment every 30 seconds in 24 hours”, says Cornelia Czenkusch, Quality Manager at POLYGONVATRO.

The Polygon DB team in Denmark is preparing to show their support for Germany by sending some of their own teams to help manage the current situation.

“We are even having to advertise for new, temporary employees to support our colleagues during these difficult times”, says Yassine Ben Hamouda, Country President Polygon DB in Denmark.

In the Netherlands, the river Maas is flooding out of its borders due to the heavy rainfall. All the water overflowing is resulting in the cities that the river flows through being evacuated. The Maastricht high point has now been reached, which means the flooding will continue to flow towards the cities higher up in the Netherlands and into their rivers.

During the next few weeks, drying will be the key focus to help countries recover from the floods. Polygon Netherlands has set up a crisis team to manage as many people and materials as possible to deal with the water damage as quickly as possible.

“People from across the country are offering their help. The situation remains worrying and our colleagues are working to maximum capacity”, says Florus van der Wal, Unit manager at Polygon in Limburg and part of the crisis team.

Belgium has also been hard hit by the floods, and Polygon Belgium is preparing for the workload that will follow.

“There are already a lot of jobs coming in, but in most places, the water has to subside before we can start, this will be the case in the next few days. It’s really important that we are prepared and ready to start working immediately”, says Carla Slaets, Country President Polygon Belgium.


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