Polygon raises the bar for water damage prevention measures

In the last five years Polygon has increased sales by 57%. The company has recently been acquired by AEA Investors LP and is embracing new opportunities to further increase its growth. Hiotlabs, a Polygon Group company, is at the forefront of innovation and has talent-recruited a new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who will lead the company to the next level. This is the starting point for an exciting and more digitalised future for Polygon.

Hiotlabs is has entered a phase of major growth. To strengthen itself, Hiotlabs has invested profoundly in a comprehensive exchange of skills. The goal is to secure the right person, with the right skill-set, in the right position within the organisation. Jonas Deibe, Founder and current CEO at Hiotlabs, has chosen to hand over the baton to Daniel Shnira. Jonas will wholeheartedly focus on technology development, which is his greatest strength and passion in life. Jonas will remain in the organisation as the Chief Technical Officer (CTO), to develop the next generation of technology solutions for Polygon.

“We are looking to upscale the business, leaving to some extent our entrepreneurial phase to focus on growth. It is therefore important that we recruit a person who possesses the right knowledge for this new stage. I will then focus on technology development. Daniel has an extreme drive and the experience of scaling-up a small business to a turnover of billions. He has made this journey before and has the business acumen and courage required,” says Jonas Deibe.

Daniel Shnira has extensive experience of working with companies during periods of strong growth. With his commercial drive and strong analytical skills, he creates impact by coordinating an organisation around a clear strategy, focused on customers and expansion.

“My main drive is to create a strong team where everyone understands their role and contribution. This is especially important as a relatively small business – everyone, in any position, needs to be a star player – regardless of their function in the company. If everyone understands how they can contribute to the whole, it can create something magical. Our goal is to reach 50 million EUR in sales within the next five years. I am really looking forward to working with Hiotlabs’ amazing products, a product that prevents accidents from happening, before they even occur. That combined with the fact that Hiotlabs is facing tremendous growth, I see as an extremely exciting and rewarding challenge," says Daniel Shnira.

"We are facing a shift. Today we are a service organisation with digital tools, but we are moving towards being a digital organisation with a strong service focus. Our affiliated company, Hiotlabs, plays a major role in this,” says Axel Gränitz, CEO of Polygon Group.

For more information, please visit www.polygongroup.com or contact:

Jonas Deibe, Chief Technical Officer Hiotlabs, jonas@hiotlabs.com, +46 73 890 71 10
Daniel Shnira, CEO Hiotlabs, daniel@hiotlabs.com, +46 76 310 93 53

Polygon is a Global Expert and the European market leader in Property Damage Control. On three continents and in 16 countries, our 5,500 specialists prevent, control and mitigate the effects of water, fire and climate. Our innovative and tailor-made solutions combine people, knowledge and technology for a wide range of customer segments.


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