Exciting partnership between Plastic Surgeon & Allianz Insurance

Recently, Polygon’s subsidiary company Plastic Surgeon started a partnership with one of UK’s leading insurance companies: Allianz. If this is successful, Plastic Surgeon will be an important part for the goal of decreasing insurance cycle times by as much 80% and at the same time having a significant impact on the amount of waste that goes to landfill.

The type of restoration claims that The Plastic Surgeon will handle include damage to wooden surfaces, cracked tiles and ceramics, brick and stone, UPVC and much much more. Since the project started, more than a quarter of ton materials have been saved from landfill.

Graham Strait, Head of Supply at Allianz, is positive about the cooperation.

“We’re really excited to be partnering with Plastic Surgeon. If successful, this pilot should see us providing quicker and less expensive solutions for surface repairs, speeding up our ability to settle claims and ultimately benefitting brokers and customers. As sustainability is a key focus for our business, I’m pleased that the collaboration aligns with our company objectives by providing an environmentally-friendly solution.”

For Plastic Surgeon, working with Allianz will improve sustainability, reduce landfill and material wastage. Chris Edwards, Head of Insurance at Plastic Surgeon, sees the sustainable opportunities.

“Allianz’s commitment to a sustainable approach is exemplary with sustainability in the insurance arena becoming more critical, as the size of losses increase with perils such as the escape of water damage (EOW) becoming more frequent. The size and diverse range of claims is a great opportunity for us to demonstrate the differing types of repairs that we can carry out. We’re excited to work with the team and look very much forward to continuing our partnership.”

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