One Technician's Journey Across Borders with Polygon

At Polygon, we believe in providing our employees with endless opportunities to grow and develop as professionals. One of our own, Lex Mens, a technician on our Leak Detection team, recently took advantage of this opportunity by moving from the Netherlands to the United Kingdom to be closer to his family. Thanks to the flexibility at Polygon, Lex was able to keep his job and make the move while still working with the company. He is now happily settled in his new team in the UK and has had a smooth transition.

"The biggest challenge with the change was just getting used to left-hand side driving. It was honestly a nightmare at first", Lex said, jokingly. "But the tools and technical equipment are quite the same, so no big re-training was needed. It felt great that the knowledge that I had gathered from my four years of working at Polygon Netherlands was easily applied here in the UK team as well”.  

Lex is grateful for the opportunity to make the move and continue his career with Polygon. He added, "Sometimes I find the English accents quite hard to understand, but other than that, the move has been pain free."

He continues to explain why he finds his work in leak detection so interesting. “Each day is never the same. Leak detection in different materials and contexts always gives a different solution to the unique problem. I am also someone who enjoys a challenge. In my time in the Netherlands, I had a lot of fun challenging projects, and I am quite sure that I will stumble upon challenges here too”, he says.

At Polygon, we pride ourselves on offering our employees the flexibility and support they need to succeed in their careers and personal lives. We are thrilled to see Lex thriving in his new location and are excited to continue to support our employees as they take advantage of the opportunities available to them within our organisation.

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