Polygon completes restoration and rehabilitation of flood-damaged historic spa hotel

In summer 2021 a historic spa hotel in Germany was badly impacted by the devastating floods that swept through Europe.

Two floors of the hotel were damaged by the floodwater, mud and dirt. The flood penetrated the structure of the building, with moisture throughout the basement and ground floor. As a result of the extensive damage, a complete renovation was required.

After assessing the situation and evaluating the damage, Polygon Germany’s team realised that the impact of the flood was so serious that it would be necessary to deploy its entire service portfolio, from drying, heating and restoration to disposal work and clean-up.

The hotel, which would typically be housing over 200 guests in luxurious rooms and offering services in wellness, restaurant and other excursions, was now in the hands of Polygon Germany. Around 100 of the company’s employees worked on site everyday to manage the damage restoration project.

Because of the flood, all supply lines for electricity and telecommunications had been torn down, presenting the Polygon team with their first challenge. However, by installing emergency power generators, sanitary facilities and temporary accommodation for the crew, the real work could begin with restoring the building’s infrastructure. The scale and extent of the damage meant that it was certainly a case for trained professionals.

The restoration process benefited from the invaluable expertise of the staff and the commitment they brought to the task. It also underlined Polygon Germany’s capabilities in offering a complete portfolio of restoration services - even at a larger scale. Together, these elements ensure an effective and professional response in the aftermath of a catastrophe.


Polygon – Always By Your Side.

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