Polygon dives in to assist hotel following pool leak

After a faucet from a pool system leaked, Polygon Sweden was immediately on hand to assess the damage, dry and restore materials, with no strip out necessary.

Fredrik Mejstedt, Polygon Sweden's dehumidification district manager in Örebro, recently received a call from Swedish insurer, TryggHansa. The client, a hotel in the middle of the city needed urgent help after discovering leaked water on several floors. The source of the leak was a tap, used to drain pool water for quality analysis, resulting in damage from the sixth floor down to the ground floor.

Fredrik said: “The leak was discovered when the hotel began to experience problems with its electrics. Data connections were lost, fire dampers were triggered to open, elevators stopped working and smoke alarms were activated. The water had spread from the spa, down into the power stations on each underlying floor. Fortunately, the water was turned off quickly, mitigating further damage. We needed to quickly determine the extent of the damage and how much material could be dried rather than replaced."

The results of measurements indicated that the swollen parquet would need to be broken up and the floor plinths would need to be dismantled to enable lower parts of the corridor walls to be dried. Four floors were affected and some bathroom walls inside rooms needed to be dried. Holes were drilled in ‘slits’ (drums that can be piped in) to enable dry air to be blown in, dehumidifying the construction, walls and floors.

Drying instead of demolition saves money

“After only one day, all of the damaged areas in the hotel had been assessed. There was very little material that needed to be replaced as it could be restored using our drying techniques. None of the hotel rooms and bathrooms needed to be replaced," clarified Fredrik.

“Savings were made thanks to Polygon Sweden's ability to restore rather than replace. And the biggest saving of all was in business interruption – the hotel did not have to close at all while the restoration work was carried out. It remained open, and guests were not disturbed as all of the solutions used were smart and quiet,” continued Fredrik.

Moisture check

On completion of the drying process, the property owner requested an inspection of the affected areas to ensure that if there was any remaining damage it would be detected. Around 90 of the hotel's rooms were selected for inspection and to the owner's delight, there were no evident water damage issues in any of them.

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