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Living our brand - Always By Your Side.

When Polygon in Austria was affected by the lockdown, Polygon in Germany was by their colleagues’ side.

After a fire broke out at a construction company in Vienna, an entire apartment building was fire damaged from the bottom to the top, on the 9th floor. The Austrian company was building new high-rise apartments when a fire broke out on the top floor inside one of the newly built apartment projects.

At first, a competitor was appointed on the project, but the insurance company was not satisfied with their work, so they reached out to Polygon. Unfortunately, as Austria was under lockdown, Polygon in Austria were not able to accept the job. Instead, Polygonvatro in Germany was contacted.

“Luckily we were able to help and together we were successful in restoring the fire damage. Before starting the project, we had to talk to the State Interior Ministry to seek permission to travel and work across the German border, conducting a critical service,” says Andreas Weber, Country President at Polygonvatro in Germany.

At the Austrian border, the German team had to be tested for Coronavirus, but there was no problem in having this approved. Over a period of two weeks, 15 employees and two project managers from Germany worked together to restore the building.

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