Polygon DB has signed their first contract in Greenland

Polygon DB has signed a contract with Usisaats in Greenland. Usisaats specialise in moving and relocation services. They are a local partner for domestic and international goods transport to and from Greenland.

In Nuuk, the capital of Greenland, a new building that had not yet been commissioned, caught fire during the construction stage. The construction, which began in 2019, is estimated to have cost around DKK 100 million and includes facilities for storage warehouses, administrations and car dealers and workshops.

Polygon DB and POLYGONVATRO in Denmark were dispatched by the international loss adjusting company Sedgwick Leif Hansen A/S to the matter.

POLYGONVATRO’s Project Manager Henrik Pallesen has been assigned to the job. He has left for Greenland and his estimated stay is till the end of June. Henrik will be heading the recovery project of electrical switch gears, ventilation systems, technical equipment, and installation. Furthermore, Polygon DB has teamed up with a local industrial cleaning service company to assist with local resources on the job.

Is there any hope for new assignments in Greenland? 

“Greenland is a large area with a very small population. Industries like fishing and mining is important ones. The number of claims is accordingly low, but of course event of damage happens. Our promise "always be by your side" also goes for Greenland and customers here. We look forward to this experience and take the learnings with us,” says Hans Christian Sörensen, International Sales Director of Polygon Group.

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