Polygon Finland rescues water damaged apartment building

Imagine falling asleep in the shower – and waking up hours later to realise that you have caused water damage to the entire building. That’s what happened to a resident in an apartment building in Oulu, Finland. Thanks to Polygon Finland the story ends well.

At the beginning of October, Polygon Finland received an unusual call from a property maintenance worker. A resident in his building had fallen asleep while using the shower in an apartment on the 7th floor. The flow of water resulted in extensive water damage.

“When our Regional Director, Teemu Salo, and I arrived at the scene a few hours after the incident, the water was up to the ground floor of the building”,, says Päivi Littow, Service Manager at Polygon Finland.

The situation required immediate action. As the most urgent post-damage control action, excess water was removed from the damp apartment and the stairwell. Dryers were installed in two apartments where it was found necessary. No acute work was required in the other apartments.

During the two-day investigation, 13 apartments, a stairwell and a lower lobby were surveyed.

“In addition to the apartment on the 7th floor, five floors other floors were discovered that needed repairing. The apartment just below, on the 4th floor, happened to be undergoing renovations, so major damage was avoided there”, says Päivi Littow.

Demolition and repair work at the site is still ongoing, but with rapid initial action, the level of  damage was reduced.

“The project will take about two more weeks. Everything has gone more or less to plan, and I believe that the customer will be very satisfied with the end result. I am also very convinced that the project is economically profitable for us”, Päivi Littow concludes.

And what about the resident that fell asleep?

-“The resident is fine, but when we arrived at the scene he was very, very embarrassed…” …

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