Polygon UK detects a significant water leak

A couple in Teesside, in the north east of the UK, were faced with significant volumes of water appearing on their patio over a period of several months. Their water supply company investigated and appointed various companies to identify the cause, without success. Thanks to Polygon UK, there is a happy ending to this story.

The couple in Teesside discovered the water that flooded their patio in November last year. The leak was not only ruining the patio, but also caused dampness in their cottage, as it was adjacent to the building. The local water authorities came out several times and after analysing the water, they advised that it was caused by a natural spring, which was not their responsibility.

“Our house is on the market and we lost two potential buyers because this obvious problem was taking a long time to resolve” says one of the residents. 

After approximately four months the couple reported the damage to their insurance company who appointed Polygon to detect the leak.

David Herd, Technician at Polygon UK was sent out to help the couple. When he arrived, David could tell from his 14 years of experience within Polygon that the water most likely did not come from a natural spring. He started the Leak detection process by analysing the water on site. He analysed the water from the leak and the tap water and discovered that the two results were almost identical.

With this result, he did a CAT scan of the area and detected two pipes buried underground and instructed Polygons’ Building Services team to come out to lift the patio and expose the pipes. He was sure that there was a leak in one of the pipes.

Meanwhile, the water supplier left the couple out in the cold, without a solution as how to stop the water flow, nor any information as to where the pipe ran to. This wasn’t going to stop David showing great concern for the couple. He visited them again and did an excavation to the slab. When he finally exposed the pipe, he felt that now he’d be able to pinpoint the location of the damage. Following his methodical approach, David switched off the customer’s water supply in the street, but to his surprise, the water kept flowing. David kept digging and used a pump to extract the water, to finally locate the source of the leak. It turned out that the water was coming from the main water supply pipe. David had once again through his persistence and skill, uncovered the actual pipe where the leak was occurring.

This meant the world to the couple, who were able to prove to the water supply company beyond any doubt, that the leak was their responsibility.  The couple had the leak repaired the next day, ready for Polygon’s’ Building Services Team to start repair work on their patio the day after.

“It’s such a rewarding job. I’ve only really done my job; I’ve done what is asked from me. Most of our jobs, 5 or 6 people have been at the site before us but not been able to find the leak. Then the insurance company appoint Polygon because they know we deliver results. We find the leaks.”, says David in a proud voice.

According to the customers, David spoke highly of his management at Polygon.

“It is great that Polygon’s management style enables him to operate at his best, with the flexibility to stay until a solution is found, leaving a happy customer! We are very grateful, as this has been a terribly stressful time for us, now resolved, because of David. He has been patient, resourceful, practical, respectful, and tenacious in achieving a solution to our problem, where no other technical specialist had been able to”, the wife concludes.

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