Swedish hospitals raise the bar for moisture safety and environmental requirements

As several new hospitals continue to be built in Greater Stockholm, Polygon Sweden is busy supporting a number of these new constructions at different stages from design, through to environmental building coordination.

“A moisture-proof design is the start point to ensure any construction meets the prerequisite environmental requirements. If there are moisture problems in any of the phases of the building process, there will be problems with the indoor environment such as odour and even mould. To be sustainable, a building must be moisture-proof.” Says Maria Nordberg, Head of Environmental Services at Polygon Sweden.

Helping the customer make the right decisions  
“It is difficult for our customers to understand what the terms ‘Environment’ and ‘Moisture Management’ really mean. Using our experience and expertise, we help the customer keep track of what is important when it comes to the statutory rules and recommendations, as well as the customer's own requirements. We ask the right questions, prompting customers to think about their needs differently. What is it worth spending time and resources on? All to find the most favorable solution for the customer and the project”says Maria.

“In general, a major challenge in hospital construction is the choice of materials and how they relate to moisture safety. The choice of materials, such as concrete and its reactions, can significantly affect the construction schedule. As soon as the designers have determined the nature of construction, Polygon's moisture safety planning begins.” says Olle Sundström, district manager at Polygon Sweden for consulting services in Stockholm.

Polygon has raised the bar in the construction industry
Polygon's experience and insights from work at Nya Karolinska Solna hospital has raised the level of requirements regarding moisture and environmental safety in the construction industry. Polygon Sweden follows the industry standard ByggaF and to ensure documentation is correct and the importance of moisture safety is communicated throughout the construction process, from planning to management. By implementing the environmental requirements early, we save time, money and project interruption.

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