Ensuring an optimal environment for Covid-19 test kit manufacturing

Polygon US is helping major US pharmaceutical companies to create the precise environment for producing Covid-19 test kits in what was Polygon’s second largest project ever to date.

The optimal conditions for producing millions of test kits
Polygon US provided climate controlled temporary manufacturing rooms in three large warehouses in Maine, Illinois and New York with capacity to produce approximately 50 million Covid-19 test kits per month.

“As a specialty air management solution provider, there is no one in the industry that is capable of delivering an engineered solution of this nature in this time frame. Our advanced expertise, knowledge and depth of equipment can succeed on the most complex of projects,” says Russ Brown, Manager of Strategic Partners, who was responsible for the relationship that brought Polygon US the opportunity.

Successful project
Building a dry room with 300,000 cfm (477,000 cm3) of low dew point air and 2000 tons ((7,000 KW) of Chilled water that maintains 5% relative humidity with up to 100 people, working in the clean room, is not a simple task. 

"Polygon has gained the confidence of our customer through our engineered solutions and delivered a technically challenging equipment set-up with our highly trained operations team,” says David Simkins, Director and Head of Engineering.

The USD 12 million project required the technical team to follow strict guidelines for Covid-19, and safety, during the setup, commissioning and continues with the 24/7 service contract. The engineering required all varieties of equipment to include over 125 large dehumidifiers, chillers, air handlers, coils, heaters and monitoring and control equipment, 4.9 miles of temporary power cable, 4 megawatts of temporary power and 2 miles of flexible ducting to deliver the system.

"This year the Polygon US Team has worked together as a group to support our customers, and each other. To be a part of a team to perform these large and complex Covid-19 test kit projects is impressive. To do so while supporting our base business, the intense hurricane’s making landfall on the Gulf Coast, and record wildfire season on the West Coast, is remarkable," says Kevin Lockard, National Operations Manager and responsible for the delivery of the system to the customer.

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