Case Studies & Projects

Document Recovery Solutions

Department of Veteran Affairs

The Department of Veterans Affairs goes to great lengths to protect their patients' information and mandates extra security measures when handling their documents. Polygon was happy to assist the VA in Minneapolis when it needed help with documents and requested our team to work under the direct supervision of a VA staff member.

Document Recovery Solutions

Amherst College Pipe Burst

Amherst College houses some of the most important historic documents of old New England. When the pipes burst during a deep winter freeze and thousands of vital papers, documents and books were damaged, Polygon showed up.

Temporary Climate Solutions

Petrochemical tank coating time cut in half

Houston Fuel Oil needed to meet a deadline to store incoming crude oil, their painting contractor was challenged to complete two tanks within 28 days, versus a normal 60-day schedule. This demanding schedule had to be met during a cool, rainy period, which was likely to create condensation on the work surface of the tank.

Temporary Climate Solutions

Power Plant Reconditioning

When a large power company in Casa Grande, Arizona reconditioned two of their 740 Megawatt coal-fired power plant units, they needed to ensure proper conditions throughout the project.

Temporary Climate Solutions

Bill Gates Foundation World Headquarters - Iris Campus

With very little space in the yard and no space on the curbs outside to place equipment, logistical creativity was a must for the two large Iris Campus buildings of the Bill Gates Foundation World Headquarters.

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