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Temporary Climate Solutions

Water disaster at LA Courthouse

Experts estimated that nearly one million gallons of water gushed out of a broken water main and across the first floor of the Los Angeles Federal Courthouse before it found its way to the building’s basement. When the flooding stopped, much of the first-floor office space was severely damaged and the 70,000-square-foot basement had four feet of standing water. Lower locations, such as the elevator shaft and the building power vault, had much deeper water. To make matters worse, the flood-damaged power vault housed transformers that supplied power to the city for blocks around.

Document Recovery Solutions

Saving Water-Damaged X-Rays with Innovative Drying System

When disaster struck at Carilion Franklin Memorial Hospital, it seemed like a horrendous rainstorm had engulfed the facility. A burst water line flooded the hospital's file storage area and approximately 800,000 crucial x-ray images were in jeopardy. In the face of this challenging situation, hospital staff called on Polygon to preserve and recover the damaged materials.

Temporary Climate Solutions

National Aquarium requires 20deg dewpoint for tank fix

After several years of wear, the coatings on two of the famous tanks at the National Aquarium failed, allowing seawater to penetrate the concrete. The project specified a coatings system that was tricky due to the harsh application conditions.

Temporary Climate Solutions

Data center pipe break threatens equipment

“It’s hard to imagine $100 million of computer equipment; but should you stand at one end of our computer center, you can barely see the other side.” That’s how Ted Turner, Hewlett Packard facility manager, described the new Atlanta operations center.

Temporary Climate Solutions

Water damage threatens Florida Hilton Hotel opening

When thousands of gallons of water flooded the new 1,400-room Hilton Hotel in Orlando, Florida, it was like a scene from a nearby water park in the popular Florida resort area. With plans to complete the hotel’s construction Hilton faced a very tight schedule but fast action and expert drying by Polygon assured that the construction schedule proceeded as scheduled.

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