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Bermuda Hospital Construction Project

Polygon provided a temporary climate control system for the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital expansion project in Hamilton Bermuda for BCM McAlpine, Inc.

The main concern on this project was the high humidity levels the island experiences during the summer months, and the potential for mold growth if not addressed. Polygon engineered a system to control the site’s humidity from June to October, utilizing five hybrid desiccant dehumidifiers (HCU-6000). We were able to hold conditions at the optimal levels of 70-80 degrees and relative humidity between 50% and 60% over the duration of the project. Because of this, BCM McApline was able to maintain their schedule of the construction of this hospital, despite the outside high humidity.

Polygon prevents and mitigates the effects of moisture in the construction process through:

  • Temporary Heating and Cooling
  • Dehumidification
  • Concrete Slab Drying
  • Property Damage Restoration(Emergency Drying and Mitigation)
Bermuda hospital

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