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Podcast: Job Talk with Polygon's West Team

Host of Ideal Conditions, Tyler Kern, sat down with both Victor Games-Bazan, Business Unit Manager, and Austin Jones, Business Development Specialist, of Polygon’s West division to talk about how the work has been and what special issues the team has to solve.

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With the aim of providing insulation for buildings of all types undergoing construction, the West Team has had the interesting experience of working with cities that are often seen as having “perfect weather.”

When talking about a job for the San Diego courthouse, Games-Bazan said it was an ideal project for showcasing their abilities. “That building was twenty-two stories. We conditioned all of that from beginning to end,” he explained. With a project so large, this process ensured the team met the specifications of those working on the building. “The customer, Turner Construction, actually built us a twenty-two-story scaffold that went up the side of the building, wrapped it in shrink-wrap, insulated it, and that’s what we actually used to distribute the air into the building,” Games-Bazan described.

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The USA has many different regions that all have their own ecosystems, which can make construction work a very different operation depending on where it’s being done. Regarding how to deal with the various climate types, Jones said, “Cities in and of themselves can create microclimates, so a downtown metro filled with skyscrapers, those buildings will retain heat and will naturally be a warmer area than somewhere that’s more rural, dense vegetation, away from the coast.” Jones also mentioned that, when working in these cities, his team also does research on weather by looking at historical data to see what the climate has been like in the past, going even as far back as a hundred years.

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Key Points

  • A proactive plan provides the steps necessary to react to a disaster. 
  • Increasing air moisture in warehouses can harm important documents, literature, and artwork.
  • Climate change is increasing the frequency of weather-related risks and damafe to precious collections. 

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