A multi-layered challenge

A science centre museum in Copenhagen is housed in a building that is more than a century old. To update facilities to be in line with today’s requirements, the museum had to be closed for a total renovation. Unfortunately, fire broke out during the work. The good news was that none of the exhibition materials were damaged because the premises had been emptied. The bad news was that enormous amounts of water were needed to extinguish the fire. Causing extensive damage to the roof and large sections of the museum.

To address the roof damage, it was first necessary for the Polygon specialist to strip the paint off the roof. This revealed that it had been repainted several times over the years with a paint that absorbed moisture. Consequently, the standard method of dry ice blasting would not prove to be effective for the stripping. A more effective method was needed. After some evaluation, it was decided to use lava stone powder, a substance made from volcanic rock! 

However, once the blasting work started the Polygon team discovered mould under the paint. This called for another specialist team to be involved in the project. The project that seemed so simple from the beginning took almost five months to complete. But there are really no short-cuts if you want to do a perfect job. 

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