Guardian angels

An American healthy frozen meals company had an unhealthy moisture issue to deal with at their main location. In their production room, condensation was dripping from the ceiling. And the cooling coils were freezing due to excess heat and humidity from adjacent areas. Not very surprisingly, the US Department of Agriculture was stepping in, threatening to shut down production.

The maintenance manager of the plant immediately started to search for a solution and landed on the Polygon website. Some of our case studies convinced him that a temporary solution was close at hand. All that was needed was a phone call. The Polygon engineers immediately arrived to assess the problem and came up with a solution. Management gave a green light to the project.

Our operations team then came in and set up a giant dehumidifier, supply and return ducts, with layflat tubing running along the entire length of the production room. Not rocket science, of course, but after only a few days the condensation on the ceiling disappeared and the production line could run without any environmental problems. A green light was also achieved from the USDA. 

The maintenance manager refers to Polygon’s specialists as “angels on my shoulders.” This is a temporary
solution but Polygon will continue to provide dehumidification for the company until they decide to change
their location.

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