Cloud-based measuring services

Polygon Indoor Air services is offering Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. The IoT is the heart of innovative social development, where we place wireless sensors at sites that measure factors from air, to structures and casting. Our solutions contain everything from planning to alarm services. We monitor homes and construction sites and the sensors measure temperature, CO2, TVOC, moisture, humidity, dew point, particles, absolute humidity and air pressure. Everything is measured and monitored by modern dashboards which are easy to read by customers and service providers.

Indoor air quality testing
For several years, the city of Kouvola has relied on Polygon’s service portfolio and expertise in indoor air quality testing. Polygon surveys problems in public buildings of the city, gives its recommendations and, where appropriate, also addresses these issues.

“The contact with Polygon is flexible and agile. Our contact person at Polygon is a certified indoor air quality expert and trained in the health aspects of properties. Polygon is familiar with our way of doing things and knows us and our requirements,” says Arto Kuitikka, property manager in Kouvola.

The city of Kouvola also has an environmental health officer, Reijo Pesonen who is responsible for indoor air problems.

“These cases are often reported as suspected health hazards. People are having symptoms and indoor air problems are suspected. We used to do measurements in properties ourselves to determine the cause of the problems.

Now, we have engaged Polygon to carry out comprehensive inspections. In this way, we are able to reach the root cause of the problems as quickly as possible to determine how to best address the situation”, says Reijo Pesonen.

Surveying in two phases
Polygon examines the case thoroughly. The first phase of the inspection involves an examination of the property in cooperation with the municipal employee who knows the location best. At this stage, all structures are left untouched.

“We perform a sensory inspection at the location. We survey anything that can be detected on the surface level. In addition, we perform measurements to determine the state of the property,” says Kai Kylliäinen, Indoor Air quality expert at Polygon.

“After an initial inspection and review of the location we have a rough inspection plan and schedule in mind. The work order is completed at the same time,” Pesonen describes
the straight forward nature of the cooperation.

During the second phase of the inspection, samples are taken or the structures are opened up to check what can be found inside. Conclusions about the damage mechanisms are made on the basis of the findings. The inspectors complete a written report detailing the findings, conclusions and recommended measures.

Good communication is vital for all parties
For each inspection, Polygon delivers an inspection report with proposed measures. Sometimes action has to be taken even before any official measurement results and the report are completed. If necessary, a Polygon expert will provide information about the interim findings and suspected issues. “We appreciate the fact that Polygon keeps us informed throughout the process. The expert contacts us straight way or even visits us if something particularly anomalous or serious is noticed while surveying the property.

This allows us to discuss what the situation calls for and whether urgent provisional solutions are needed. For example, we might introduce air purifiers to minimise exposure before actual repairs or transfer a day care centre to a temporary location,” Pesonen illustrates.

“I’m pleased that Polygon’s continuous updates allow me to inform my own customers where we stand and what the situation looks like,” Pesonen says.
Kuitikka and Pesonen from the city of Kouvola are also happy that things happen on schedule and that Polygon is a flexible partner.

“Polygon keeps to agreed deadlines extremely well. Communication is easy and open. In some cases, I even feel we get extra service because Polygon has worked so thoroughly and quickly. Our contact person acts with dedication and with diverse know-how in situations that are oftentimes very challenging,” Pesonen states.

The property manager and the environmental health officer both appreciate the reports.

“The reports and the associated proposed measures are worded clearly and serve us well in dealing with our customers and with the media if necessary. Their content enables us to clearly explain what has been found in the locations and how we will proceed. This is of interest to the staff of schools and day care centres as well as parents and local media.” 

“We have also held feedback sessions where an indoor air quality expert from Polygon has been with us to share the findings clearly and precisely to avoid any false assumptions and speculation. We have felt this to be an excellent practice and service.”

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