Keravanjoki multifunctional building: aiming for a healthy and safe building

The Keravanjoki multi-purpose building project has employed Polygon's Temporary Climate Solutions experts since the end of 2019 and is now reaching the final stages. Polygon is praised by YIT for its holistic approach to condition management.

The new multi-purpose building in the city of Kerava, Finland, will have facilities for around 1000 schoolchildren. In addition to teaching, the facilities serve city residents' evening use and hobbies. There is also a large manufacturing kitchen in the building. The new building is over 10,000 gross square metres and is scheduled for completion in summer 2021.

The importance of health and safety in buildings is now better understood than ever before, and also, in the construction of the Keravanjoki multi-purpose building, they were set as important starting points for planning and implementation.

The project is implemented in an alliance model, in which the client, implementers and designers form a unified project organisation, all working equally for the project. Each actor brings their own special expertise so that they achieve the best possible result. The project also has a Healthy House coordinator and meets the requirements of the RTS environmental classification, which ensures good indoor conditions and lower energy costs.

Polygon's contribution to the project has been coordinated by Niko Rautio, TCS Service Manager. In particular, he considers the overall solution offered by Polygon to be a decisive factor in the selection of the company, even though the selection process was carried out through a call for tenders:

We are able to provide all the necessary condition management services, from heating and drying to humidity measurements and dust management. We not only bring equipment to the site, but we take care of things more broadly and the customer is able to utilize our expertise in many ways”.

Throughout this project, Polygon has worked closely with the construction company YIT Suomi Oy, a parternship Polygon has had for a long time. Tero Ahonen from YIT describes the cooperation as smooth:

The good thing about the condition service provided by Polygon is that it is about comprehensive condition management and not just individual measurements. An expert has been appointed for the project, who has enough time to take care of things. He can take a stand on all aspects of condition management, from drying to heating, and we don’t have to call different people”.

When choosing partners, we emphasize longer partnerships so that the activities become standard and things do not always have to be rehearsed. When we work with Polygon, both parties know what the other party wants, and Polygon is able to meet our needs right from the offer stage. Our cooperation will continue in the future, Ahonen promises.

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