Multiple awards bolster POLYGONVATRO’s corporate philosophy

At the end of 2020, POLYGONVATRO was named ‘Service Champions’ and has now been recognised as a top national employer.

‘Die Welt’ has been working with ‘ServiceValue’ for many years to systematically investigate the service quality of German companies from a customer standpoint. In 2020, customers rated their best service experiences by judging a total of 4,053 companies in 384 different industries. POLYGONVATRO in Germany came out on top as the best restoration service in the industry and was also acknowledged as a Service Champion based on the service experiences of customers.

‘Always By Your Side.’ is POLYGONVATRO’s promise to all its customers. We deliver on our promises by applying our core values of Integrity, Excellence and Empathy in everything we do. We want to understand what is most important to those who rely on us, and what they expect from us in terms of quality, response time, project management, communication, health, safety, and the environment. We can then adjust accordingly. Satisfied and loyal customers are the foundation of our success. If our customers are satisfied, so are we.

‘Focus-Business’ conducted a study to identify Germany’s top 1,000 employers using employer evaluation platform ‘Kununu’. The criteria for analysis was based on the size of the company, the number of reviews and its recommendation ratings.

After evaluating 950,000 companies and over four million reviews, POLYGONVATRO was recognised as the ‘Top National Employer 2021’ for the second year in a row. With an excellent overall result of 160.8 points, POLYGONVATRO is among the best 150 employers in Germany. This demonstrates that Polygon’s values and brand promise are being implemented successfully within the company.

In total, POLYGONVATRO was rated on ‘Kununu’ by over 450 current and former employees. These ratings show an above-average recommendation rate of 81% and an average rating of 3.8 (as of 08.2021). This outstanding ranking of POLYGONVATRO is unique within our industry.

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