Net Zero Action Day – The environmental work at Polygon

We are over 6 500 colleagues working across 16 countries in collaboration with our customers and suppliers in achieving climate goals.

“We help our customers to reduce their emissions in our daily work as we restore items and properties rather than replacing them. This is our core business, and it is recognized as a great environmental choice. Further we work to prevent damages from happening in the first place or at least to limit the extent of them. If the damage never happened or is limited, the environmental impacts are evidently minimised” Explains Camilla Annerling Barck, Head of Sustainability at Polygon Group. 

Camilla continues to present how our journey to reduce emissions began long ago, on a global level carrying out studies and sponsoring research on how to avoid emissions by using different methods in managing water damages.  Over the years the group has developed sustainable solutions such as:

  • Hard surface repair on things such as kitchen tops.
  • Prevention services and solutions supported by IoT.
  • Digital solutions such as video inspections.
  • And remote monitoring of our equipment, reducing trips to customer sites.

Calculating emissions – taking the next step

“The group achieved a milestone this year, when we agreed to measure the group’s total emissions. Covering all 16 countries, hundreds of depots and over 360 000 projects per year. As a Group we wanted to really establish our footprint, so we can target the big items to reduce emissions, while also engaging our local teams to work in a more environmental way in their everyday work” Camilla says. 

“We already know that the biggest part of the total emissions comes from when we perform our services. Therefore, we all need to work together to make a real difference” Camilla states. 

Today is the #NetZeroActionDay which aims to drive more ambitious corporate climate action in line with the science-based net-zero targets. Being the largest restoration company in Europe we will continue to lead and accelerate what we do to ensure that we are always by your side, that we are together making a difference not only for today but for the generations to come.

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