Polygon and a.s.r. organize online learning sessions in Leak detection technology

The key to the successful collaboration between Polygon and a.s.r. insurance is the exchange of knowledge across the various techniques of leak detection. With the correct knowledge of the technology, the claims handlers at a.s.r. can better help victims with leakage or water damage. Polygon has more than 25 years of specialist knowledge in leak detection investigation and more than 12 non-destructive detection techniques in house.

Corona requires new communication solutions

At the end of 2019, Polygon was present at the a.s.r. repair market to present themselves to the claims handlers of a.s.r. Additionally, claims handlers spent a day with the Polygon specialists to gain a better insight into the various techniques. Due to Corona, we have been looking for opportunities to transfer the learning online.

Coordinated by the Claims Service employee Marlon Melief, the 35 a.s.r. claims handlers were enthusiastic to participate in the online learning session.

Marlon: ‘Polygon was the first service provider to offer this online solution. We immediately thought this was a great corona-safe approach to introduce the work of Polygon, especially to new employees. The last repair market took place in 2019 and it was good to inform colleagues about the methods and techniques. This made the reading of the Polygon reports even easier, seeing that my colleagues now have a better understanding of the technical terms. But it is also a good refresher course for more experienced colleagues. Furthermore, it is a nice and valuable break from daily work demands.’

From Polygon, the training and education manager Bas van den Berg presented the various techniques. Bas has studied leaks for years and was one of the first colleagues involved in the development of the leak detection department. He can, like no other, take claims handlers along in the steps that a proper inspection requires. The techniques that emerged during the learning session are: moisture measurement, pressure measurement, sewer camera, infrared, endoscopy and acoustic.

Account manager Anton van der Laan, as one of the initiators of the online learning session, opened the meeting with a presentation about Polygon. Anton: ‘The collaboration with a.s.r. has been running for more than 20 years now, but it is always good to regularly keep in contact to discuss developments. We have always been presenting our techniques on the a.s.r. repair markets, but due to Corona we cannot physically visit each other. This online learning session offers the opportunity to make optimal use of the possibilities of this demo vehicle. All steps and techniques can be explained well on a small surface, which makes the demonstration car a popular part of Polygon's presentation tools.’

Which is better, offline or online learning sessions?

Anton: ‘The interactive online meeting is nice, as we can maintain personal contact and answer any questions.  And the fact that it saves us fuel and time, which is more sustainable, it is also a big plus for both parties.’  Polygon is a.s.r.’s sustainable restauration partner. For both companies, sustainable solutions form the basis for the future and that also ensures a positive outlook on the cooperation. ‘Moreover, we can reach a larger group of interested people in this online setting. I think that in the future we will have to use a good combination of online and physical meetings. Depending on demands and needs.‘

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