Restoring a building at the heart of a community

When any building is hit by a large fire, that completely incinerates the roof, and devastates the structure, there is understandably an impact on the inhabitants. In this one case, however, the fact that the building formed part of the town hall premises meant the damage affected the entire local community in the small south French village. With expert help from the Polygon owned company, Global Sinistres, the building could be supported during the long process of restoration.

At the start, this large-scale project was driven by three key areas of focus: damage assessment, demolition, and decontamination. The extent of the roof damage meant that workplace safety was also a top priority. Several stages of work, including clearing out rubble and demolishing unstable structures, took place to secure the building. With these tasks complete, Polygon could then ensure the safety of its employees in undertaking the remainder of the restoration work.

Working in stages

For an extensive project such as this, it is important to formulate a clear work plan that divides the work into different phases. These stages can be summarized as first securing the building, then clearing out all the rubble, and lastly decontaminating the area using appropriate tools and chemicals. To keep out moisture during the work, a steel deck cover is also used so that no additional damage occurs.

Only when the structural foundation of the building has been cleared can work such as tiling, electrical reinstatement and plumbing start. As such, this project will go on for many months, but when it is fully restored, business can resume within the town hall building and life can return to normal for the affected community.


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